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About OccIDEAS

The OccIDEAS Team

Lin Fritschi MBBS, PhD, FAFPHM

Lin Fritschi is an experienced cancer epidemiologist who is recognized internationally for her expertise in occupational causes of cancer. She has a medical degree and a PhD in epidemiology and is an accredited public health physician. She has led or been involved in case-control studies of cancers of the prostate, colon and rectum, breast and pancreas, as well as non-Hodgkin lymphoma, and childhood leukaemia and brain cancer. In all these studies, assessment of occupational exposure was important and from this vast experience Lin conceived and continued to develop OccIDEAS. She has used OccIDEAS in a novel approach to solving the problem of how to estimate the prevalence of exposure to disease-causing agents at work on a national level.

Troy Sadkowsky MBA, BInfTech, BSc, Dip LabTech

Troy is globally recognized as a data scientist pioneer and is the founder of DataScientists.Net and its associated LinkedIn Group with over 47 thousand members.

Troy has Masters in Business Administration, Bachelor of Science and Bachelor in Information Technology. His data science skills draw upon his expertise as a master programmer, mentor, and entrepreneur. He has been working as a Data Scientist since 2009 and has been a passionate and an active video blogger on the topic of the data scientist career.

Troy has worked for universities like Monash University, University of Western Australia, University of Queensland, and recently won the Queensland University of Technology Vice Chancellors performance award in 2015 for his work as the lead data scientist building big data infrastructure for the Creative Industries Faculty.

Troy is the founder of the Australian company Data Scientists Pty Ltd which has international clients like the National Institute of Cancer in the US, Queens University in Belfast and University of Malaya. In 2017, Troy founded a company in Bhutan called Bhutan Data Scientists Pvt Ltd which delivers both training and project development services in data science. Bhutan Data Scientists is focused on the union of data science, health, and mindfulness and is working with the Ministry of Health, Institute of Information Technology and Management, Bhutan Jobs, Yarkay Group and the National Referral Hospital of Bhutan.

Bhutan Data Scientists Pvt Ltd aims to be a leader in data-driven solutions that honor the fundamentals of GNH policy. Focusing on education and community we facilitate business leaders, technologists, mathematicians and scientists in the process of creating data innovations that have a positive global impact. Bhutan Data Scientists Pvt Ltd’s associated Innovation Lab provides a global meeting place for creating world-centered value in a natural environment that balances tradition and innovation.

Rajni Rai MBBS, MPH, PhD

Rajni is an epidemiologist with an interest in chronic disease epidemiology and occupational causes of cancer. She has a medical degree, a Master of Public Health and a PhD in Public Health. She has worked for the Government of Bhutan, and has also worked in Australia in the Western Australia Cancer Prevention Unit, in Curtin University and in the WA Department of Health. Rajni has undertaken several studies in Australia with OccIDEAS and has added and validated content. Assessing occupational exposure in low income countries poses particular challenges and Rajni has developed new ways to use OccIDEAS in low income countries such as Bhutan.

Jesus Emmanuel Dayo (Jed) BS Computer Science

Jed is a professional software engineer with 12 years of experience in developing software, specialising in web applications.  He has been developing software since 2009 and has vast experience in working with different business domains.  He is passionate about solving global problems through software application development.  His has held numerous teaching roles and has attained multiple professional certifications during his tenure, namely AWS Solutions Architect, Oracle Java Certification, and Professional Scrum Master.  A core developer of OccIDEAS and lead contributor to the full-stack of open-source code of the web-based Java Spring Boot application.  For more about Jed check out his portfolio website which is which is a living curriculum vitae in a magazine format.

Maria Carmela Oyao (Carmela) BS Chemical Engineering 

Carmela is a software engineer with more than a decade of experience in analysis, design, and implementation of various web applications using Java and other open source frontend and backend technologies. Her many years in the IT industry allowed her to participate in the development of applications following different software architectural design methods such as Traditional Monolithic, Service Oriented Architecture, Microservices and Event-Driven methodologies. She has worked on projects related to a vast array of different industries, such as Epidemiology, Pharmaceutical, Marine, Retail Banking, Capital Markets, Insurance, Logistics, and Utilities.  Her experience gained from working for multinational companies like Accenture, DHL, Citigroup, Capgemini, Chartis has allowed her to master the art of applying simple solutions to complex problems.  Carmela has been a key contributor to the open-source code of the OccIDEAS web application since 2017.

Other people who have been involved in developing OccIDEAS


Ray Welburn

Deborah Glass

Dr Renee Carey

Dr Melissa Friesen

Jen Girschik

Renae Fernandez

Jeffrey Keys

Ellie Darcey

Corie Gray

Kahlia McCausland

Kate Lewkowski

Geza Benke

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