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Step 1 - Provision of Questionnaires

OccIDEAS' Provision of Questionnaires service revolutionizes the landscape of occupational exposure assessment by offering workplace safety and health agencies, like EU-OSHA, an all-encompassing Questionnaire toolkit to conduct regular worker exposure surveys.  With standardized, world-class questionnaires that cover a diverse range of job types and occupational hazards, agencies can effectively help employers, workers, and policymakers understand and address workplace risks and hazards.


Provision of Questionnaires provides workplace safety and health agencies with a comprehensive set of standardized Job Module Questionnaires for conducting regular national worker exposure surveys.   The structure and design of these questionnaires have more than 20 years of peer-reviewed discussion and research.  OccIDEAS currently covers over 50 unique job types and can perform assessments for more than 100 individual occupational exposure hazards.  The Provision of Job Module Questionnaires equips agencies with the most advanced and up-to-date surveys needed to begin assessing national compliance of workplace health and safety levels.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Comprehensive Questionnaires: The Provision of Questionnaires provides access to the peer-reviewed and standardized questionnaires. These questionnaires cover over 50 specific job types, ensuring that assessments are relevant and tailored to each worker's role.

  • World-Class Standardization: OccIDEAS takes pride in maintaining world-class standards in its questionnaires, ensuring accuracy, reliability, and consistency across all assessments. This standardization empowers agencies to make data-driven decisions and establish benchmark comparisons between, jobs, geographical regions, and high-risk hazards.

  • Thorough Hazard Coverage: The questionnaires are specifically designed to assess the low, medium, or high probable exposure level of over 100 different occupational exposure hazards. From chemical substances to physical agents and biological hazards, these questionnaires are a comprehensive assessment of workplace exposure that is unmatched by any other method.

  • Compliance and Regulatory Support: By employing OccIDEAS' standardized questionnaires, agencies enhance their ability to raise awareness, support policymakers and continually monitor and report trends and developments in the state of workplace safety and health.

Provision of Questionnaires Pricing:

The provision of the complete suite of the OccIDEAS Job Module Questionnaires is available for a one-time payment of:

$AUD20,000 (currently 52 Job Modules Questionnaires are available)  


Alternatively, for those agencies looking to perform target job specific exposure assessment, individual Job Modules Questionnaires can be provisioned for:

$AUD500 per module.


This transparent pricing structure eliminates recurring costs, making it an attractive and cost-effective option for agencies seeking long-term value.  For a full list of available Job Modules click here.

Step 2 – Assessment Services Package

OccIDEAS Assessment Service package is a fee-for-service solution tailored to provide agencies with consistent and accurate occupational exposure assessments. Designed to streamline the process of gauging workplace hazards, this service offers organizations the convenience of thorough assessment, validation, and analysis of each questionnaire response. Priced at just $AUD30 per assessment, the Assessment Service empowers agencies to proactively manage national occupational exposure while maintaining cost-efficiency.   OccIDEAS enables workplace safety and health agencies to prioritize the well-being and health of their national workforce confidently and effortlessly.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Validation and Analysis: With each assessment, agencies receive the added advantage of validation and in-depth analysis of every response within the questionnaires. This meticulous process guarantees the accuracy and reliability of the assessment results, empowering agencies with dependable insights for policymakers.

  • Regular Monitoring: By leveraging the Assessment Service, agencies can establish a culture of ongoing monitoring and risk management. Consistent national assessments provide a dynamic view of changing exposure levels and enable timely interventions.

Assessment Service Pricing:

The Assessment Service offers a straightforward pricing structure at just:

$AUD30 per assessment (including administration and validation) 

Step 3 – Technological Support and Services Package

OccIDEAS is a leading company specializing in providing world-class standardized questionnaires for systematically determining occupational exposure. To complement its cutting-edge open-source software solution, we offer a comprehensive Technological Support and Services package designed to empower agencies with the full technical capabilities of the OccIDEAS software. The package combines professional technical expertise, dedicated personnel, and tailored solutions to ensure seamless implementation and utilization of the OccIDEAS software to interface with existing survey management tools.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Priority Technical Support: Subscribers to OccIDEAS' Support and Services package gain access to a dedicated support team of experts. This team is available to address technical issues promptly.

  • Customization and Integration: OccIDEAS understands that each study has unique requirements. With this package, businesses can request customizations and integrations tailored to their occupational exposure assessment processes. The software can be seamlessly integrated into existing systems, enhancing workflow efficiency.

  • Software Updates and Enhancements: OccIDEAS continuously enhances its software to stay at the forefront of occupational exposure assessment technologies. Subscribers benefit from automatic updates, ensuring access to the latest features and improvements without additional costs.

  • Data Security and Compliance: With the Support and Services package, data security and compliance are top priorities. OccIDEAS provides comprehensive security measures to protect sensitive information, adhering to worldclass research standards and regulations.

  • Performance Optimization: The support team proactively monitors the software's performance and provides optimization guidance to ensure optimal speed and efficiency.

  • Feedback and Feature Requests: OccIDEAS values its subscribers' input and actively seeks feedback for software enhancements. Users can submit feature requests, which are considered in the software development roadmap.

Tech Support Pricing and Subscription:

Tech Support is $AUD5,000 per month, or annual subscription for $AUD55,000.


Pricing may vary for large studies with more extensive customization needs or for agencies that require additional support beyond the standard package. For such cases, OccIDEAS offers the flexibility to tailor the subscription to match specific requirements, with pricing discussed and finalized on a case-by-case basis.


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