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Standard step

Possible Customisations


A) Contract our IT staff to set up your instance of OccIDEAS

B) Identify new agents

C) Develop your own JSMs

Step 1.

Obtain job


A) Obtain information on only the current job rather than all jobs.

B) Obtain additional information such as the company, the industry, the country the person worked in, the number of hours per week and weeks per year that the person did the job.

C) If there are specific hypotheses for your study you may also like to add questions relating to them. For example, below we asked about shift work and physical activity at work.

Step 2.

Upload job


A) Interviewer directly enters the information into OccIDEAS.

B) Subject enters their own data on line.

Step 3.



A) Automatic presentation of a selected set of JSMs which the interviewer or subject can select from 

Step 4.


A) Add standard questions to before or after the interview

B) Online data entry by subject

Step 5.



A) Change rules for different circumstances (e.g. a developing country)

Step 6.

Manual review.

A) Develop your own standard assessments

Step 7.

Download data.

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