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Occupational Assessment

What are the benefits of using OccIDEAS?


OccIDEAS is a user-friendly, professional-level tool for researchers to use to assess retrospective occupational exposures in epidemiological studies.


OccIDEAS uses the latest technologies in data analytics to bring occupational assessment into the twenty-first century. It automates repetitive tasks, enables full transparency and consistency in performing exposure assessments, and helps use the expert assessors more efficiently by automating the vast majority of assessments.


OccIDEAS is a web application using Java technologies which links the steps of the expert assessment method and automates most of the assessment steps. The important features of OccIDEAS are:



  • Integrating the different data collection steps of occupational assessment into one package.

  • Providing job and task modules written by a team of experts

  • Modules are limited to those questions which directly ask about the determinants of exposure so are relatively short and easy for subjects to answer.

  • Depending on the agents chosen, OccIDEAS automatically selects only the questions that determine exposure to the agents of interest to that study. This also reduces the burden of the questionnaire on the participant

  • Automatic assessment of jobs for all selected agents

  • Display of all relevant information of each job simultaneously on the screen enabling easy manual review if required.

  • Provision of a series of csv files containing job details, answers to the questions about the jobs, assessments of probability and level of exposure to each selected  agent, and reasons why the assessment was assigned.

OccIDEAS uses modern technology to simplify the process of including an occupational component in your epidemiological or clinical study.  It provides you with occupational exposure data which are evidence-based, so you can have confidence that you are getting data of the best quality.


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