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Using OccIDEAS

Customizing OccIDEAS for your Study


OccIDEAS can be customized for your study in a number of ways.

Choose your own agents.  You can choose the agents you want to assess. When you have chosen the agents, OccIDEAS selects only relevant questions and modules for your study. For example if you wanted to do a study of diesel exhaust, OccIDEAS would select all the questions that have at least one rule for diesel exhaust. Any questions which do not have a rule for diesel exhaust would be omitted. Consequently, if there are no questions with rules for diesel exhaust in a Task or Job Module then that module would be omitted.

Choose your own jobs or industries.  You can pick just some of the Job Modules rather than all.  For example, you could do a study of only manufacturing workers, or only mechanics. 

Adapt the questions for your country.  You can develop Job or Task modules in languages other than English. The rules and assessment behind the scenes stays the same, but the questions asked can be in any language.  You can also change the English terms used (for example “truck” or “lorry”) and change rules to suit industrial conditions in different countries and at different times.

Add new modules, agents or rules. This is quite a complex process and it takes considerable time to do the research to ensure that the major uses of that agent are included and the rules are correctly specified. However, you will have a customized set of questions which exactly suit your study. 



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