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Using OccIDEAS



Rules are the algorithms behind the scenes in OccIDEAS which provide an assessment of exposure to an agent based on the answers to the questions in a Job Module or Task Module. The rules are developed by experts in occupational exposure based on the literature, talking to industry specialists and their own experience.
The rules are specific to a module and an agent.  Each rule fires individually, but a person may fire many rules for one agent.  The multiple rules are combined to give an overall assessment of exposure as below: 
Highest probability of exposure (none, possible, probable) for each agent
Highest level of exposure (none, low, medium or high) for carcinogens and ototoxins

L                   for noise in the last working day m/s2 A(8) value for vibration in the last working day



Example of a simple rule for the agent benzene:


If the person used petrol to clean used paint brushes then exposure to benzene is probable, with medium level.


Example of a more complex rule:


If the person degreases machinery using petrol and they used a dip tank, with heating, but without a cover, and without an extraction fan and without cooling coils then exposure to benzene is probable, with high level.


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